Raw Wool/Fleece/locks

This year we have some spectacular locks from our white and black Wensleydale lambs.  Lovely length, around 5-6 inches and occasionally 7inches for the whites - and 3-5 or 6 inches for the blacks.  The colour is amazing and they are a summer grown fleece so about as clean as a raw fleece can be!
We have some beautiful shorts from our Lincoln Longwool lambs and shearlings.  These wide locks are around 4 inches and as soft and conditioned as you would expect from a short growth and good summer period.

The December shear will be mostly adult sheep - my dry ewes and wethers  - probably around 5 and 6 inches with a lovely big curl - and a summer fleece - so the quality will be perfect.  They will be online from mid December.


Our feedback has been amazing and we will continue to strive to offer the best we are able to produce beautiful raw and washed wool for you.